Dog friendly campervan hire Scotland

Big Sky Campers’ Dogs Policy

Dog friendly campervan hire Scotland
As dog owners ourselves, we want to offer dog friendly campervan hire. We know how much our customers may want to bring their dog along on their holiday. So we do allow this and we don’t charge extra to bring your best friend along.
If you want to have a chat to us about bringing your dog along then please give us a ring or send us an email via the link below and here’s a handy list of dog friendly places to visit in Scotland which is really useful when planning your holiday itinerary.

However, we do understand that not everyone is a dog lover and we need to make sure that the vans are without any doggy traces for the the next person who is hiring them out. All our vans are thoroughly cleaned between hires but time is sometimes tight so some conditions do apply to you bringing your dog:

1. Only one, well behaved, dog per campervan
2. Dogs are not allowed on the upholstery at any time
3. Any additional cleaning required as a result of your dog will be charged for (£50)
4. Any damage caused by your dog will be charged for in full

Please note: we do keep some campervans dog-free for those customers who might have allergies or just would prefer it that way. Please make us aware when booking.

Our dog friendly campervans